200 miles in one day?

OK, it’s not about getting to work anymore. I’ve set myself a new goal, getting from Seattle to Portland in one day. It’s about 205 miles, and the ride takes place this July. Most people do this ride in two days, but quite a few do it one. I was planning to do it in two as well, but lately this idea has just taken over my brain, like a fungus. I can’t get rid of it. So I’m going for it.

For some people that’s not a huge distance, for others it’s inconceivable. Since the longest I’ve ever ridden is about 90 miles, and here’s the important statistic — it was 20 years ago — this is not an insignificant personal goal. But hey, if I were sure I could make it, then it wouldn’t be that much of a goal, right?

All my commuting has gotten me into fairly decent shape. But there’s a big difference between commuting and focused training, which is what I’m going to have to do to hit my target. I’ve been ramping up my mileage every week, with the exception of that one week about three weeks ago when for some inexplicable reason I was like a wet noodle sliding off my bike, and couldn’t ride my way out of a paper bag. We all have bad weeks, I suppose.

Last week was a great week, and this week I’m going for an even better one.

My big concern are my knees, which are always kind of cranky and stiff. I have arthritis, which doesn’t really bother me as along as I don’t try to bend them. But you sort of have to do that to go forward on a bike. So I decided to get some help, and consulted with a physical therapist, and I’m getting a personal trainer as well. The trainer thinks it’s possible. Not easy, but possible.

I’m not a young guy anymore, and if I’m going to do this I need all the help I can get.

So stay tuned, the next few weeks are going to be a chronicle of this quixotic quest. We are upping the game.


5 thoughts on “200 miles in one day?

  1. Waynkster says:

    Impressive goal.
    My condolences to Kale. Perhaps she and Lynn can form a support group.

  2. dougkimster says:

    She’s training for a half marathon. We have cornered the NW market on lycra.

  3. Waynkster says:

    I have reset my goals to half marathon, having decided the full monty was going to kill me and result in the lawn growing over the roof. K should come run the Tulsa (half) Marathon in October. Nice and flat and very close to the Big Two-Hearted Bungalow. wg

  4. dougkimster says:

    Hmm. She wants to do the one she’s signed up for first. Plus I don’t know if she’s got the same nostalgia for Tulsa that I do.

  5. Waynkster says:

    It’s a city that is hard to miss sometimes.

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