Gore-Tex, Frankincense and Myrrh

Gore-Tex socks!Up here in the Top Left Corner, Gore-Tex has a status that borders on the near-mythical, a lust-inducing elusiveness not unlike  silk to the Roman Empire. We build temples to it (REI), swath our newborns in it, pin our jackets up on exposed hooks like tapestries, alerting all who visit to our status. If the three wise men had come from Seattle, they would have gifted the Baby Jesus a polar fleece pullover,  sweat-wicking compression tights and a Gore-Tex jacket.

I have no idea how they make the stuff, but I picture tiny darkened rooms filled with miniature animatronic worms, munching on sheets of raw carbon fiber and spinning out strands of waterproof, breathable, miraculous fabric.

But socks? Gore-Tex socks? Really? In a way, this strikes me as the height of semi-athletic indulgence, something on the order of a gold lamé jock strap or a cashmere ace bandage.

But yes, I want them. Biking in the winter is a lesson in protecting extremities. You can live with cold legs, arms and torso, but cold, wet hands and feet? That’s misery. Gore-Tex socks means salvation from wet feet, no matter what kind of shoe you’ve got.

I haven’t tried them yet. But it won’t be long. Thanks to my friend Eric for the idea.


6 thoughts on “Gore-Tex, Frankincense and Myrrh

  1. Eric says:

    I got mine after an REI worker in Anchorage said they would keep my feet warmer in Sorels by keeping them dryer. They turned out to be perfect when I bike commuted through one of the wettest winters. Toe covers rounded out the ensemble and, on really cold days, I would put the cut toe of a wool sock over the shoe and under the cover.
    Windstopper gloves kept my hands dry for about an hour in the worst rain.
    Fenders kept things from being ridiculous.

  2. dougkimster says:

    You are my hero! I think you are the one who needs to be writing a cycling blog… Did you ride through snow?

  3. Waynkster says:

    I find myself curious about the logistics of your commute. Do you work in the your riding clothes, carry work clothes with you or do you bring the car in one day a week to transport a week’s worth of clothes?
    How do you handle the delicate issue of hygiene?

    • dougkimster says:

      I carry work clothes with me mostly, but I keep an extra pair of shoes at the office, and a bunch of other clothes there as well. All of the above, I guess. We have a nice locker room in the building so I shower here and change. But I’m rethinking the whole setup. Post will be forthcoming. AND, turns out this is a bad week to start a bike blog, because I just had to write off my bike frame. Toast. Sad!

  4. Waynkster says:

    You should give it an appropriate soldier’s funeral. It served you well.

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