In pursuit of a better way to get to work

20 miles. That’s the distance from my house to my office. Not that impressive. But getting there, and especially back, across the width of Seattle, a lake, and therefore the Bridge That Must Not Be Named (BTMNBN), is a giant, wrenching, misery-inducing Big Gulp of irritation… in a car. So about six months ago, I said… screw the car. I’m riding my bike.

Naive bastard.

Choosing to commute year-round in a dripping wet environment is a “decision” like “choosing” to become a Catholic, or to sign up for any other religion. You must believe. You must study. You must join the faithful. You must stray occasionally and beg to be let back into the fold. Above all, you must love your choice. But it’s not a hard choice to love.

As much as driving in choking traffic is an annoyance, a stress compounder and an exacerbator of all that is wrong with the universe, cycling is a balm. It’s an adventure, an energizer, a fresh encounter with the world and the people in it every day. I’m pissed off when I drive and blissful when I ride.

This blog is my chronicle of my decision, which has now exploded into a full-blown obsession. (And of the toys that came with it). I hope it helps you make the same decision. Because the more I pursued this lifestyle choice, the more I realized I needed to know. Finding that info is fun, but not that easy. It’s hard to find info for cyclists who, say, don’t already have their gear ratios committed to memory.

If you’re like me, and you just love riding your bike, then this is for you.


4 thoughts on “In pursuit of a better way to get to work

  1. VeloBusDriver says:

    Welcome to the club. Are you commuting east to west or west to east? We’ve probably passed each other a bunch of times although I admit to a bit of bike/bus combo-commuting and, *gasp* even driving occasionally so you won’t see me out there every day.

    FWIW: My one-way commute is about 8.5 miles so you’re a far better man than me. (Of course, I work split shifts and commute twice a day, so….)

    • dougkimster says:

      Hi VeloBusDriver, I really need to clarify that I’m doing a mix of things like you are, I do go both East to West and West to East, but most days I get on a shuttle at the halfway point, so my commute is about the same as yours. Maybe we have passed each other! I just checked out your blog, it looks great and I’ll check back often. Thanks for commenting!

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